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Dirty electricity or electrical pollution, as defined by electrical utility industry, is high frequency voltage transients that contaminate the standard 60 Hertz electrical current and wiring. This contamination can create unhealthy levels of electromagnetic field (EMF), a non-ionizing type of radiation that encroaches into our living and working spaces. The filtration of this type of dirty power has been required and done for more than 100 years in industry and manufacturing. Most of us are unaware of the phenomenon of dirty electricity in our homes and offices. Higher levels of EMF in our everyday environments are due to our increased use and dependency on technology and electronics. Some examples of common equipment contributing to electrical pollution in our homes and working spaces are cordless and DECT phones, computers, monitors, fax and printing machines, dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lighting and televisions.

Dirty Electricity book by Donna Fisher

Much of the electronics we use create high frequencies that distort the normal 60 hertz current. The high frequency distortion can enter from electrical supply and into our home and be produced by devices used at the home. Dirty electricity on wiring inside walls creates EMF reaching well into areas nearby. The danger to our health is due to EMF caused by higher frequencies in the range of 2 to 100 kilohertz. This range of frequency is known to cause electromagnetic fields which have been shown to penetrate our body and affect our health.

It is the intention of this site to help you be aware of the adverse health effects of dirty electricity, how you can measure its presence in your home and working areas and what you can do to minimize the effects of dirty power to protect your health and the health of your family.

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Dirty Electricity book by Sam Milham

Detrimental health effects of electromagnetic fields have been researched, studied and well documented for many years. We often think only people living close to high voltage electrical lines or whose work environment has higher than normal levels of EMF are affected. What we don't realize is with our increased reliance on technology and new electronic equipments in our homes our exposure to dirty electricity has increased. There are indications and historical evidence for correlation of electrification of urban and rural US cities and increased rates of diseases over the past century [Milham - Historical evidence that electrification caused the 20th century epidemic of "diseases of civilization"]. Much of these health issues have taken place gradually and over the entire population so their occurrence and association with electrification had been overlooked in the past. READ MORE >>


The STETZERiZER® Filter is based on electrical science and engineering principles known and utilized for over a century. Filters have been required by electrical utility companies and extensively applied for decades by industrial and manufacturing plants as well as the electric utility industry itself to clean up electrical pollution. Newly introduced is the design, which is focused on our needs at homes, offices, schools and other environments. This STETZERiZER┬« Filter has been installed in homes and schools to clean up electrical pollution and used in scientific studies to show possible connection of dirty power to diabetes, childhood leukemia, asthma and other conditions (See Research Articles). READ MORE >>

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